Lessons from Fitness

I’ve been working out consistently for about 13 years. I played sports throughout my childhood so it wasn’t as difficult for me to get started in my college years when I wanted to bulk up and gain muscle. Anyone who trains their body consistently will attest to the reality that training is a grueling but rewarding experience. Grueling because of the pain and struggle necessary to actually do the work; rewarding because of the possible results you can obtain if you are consistent.

For many, exercise is often viewed more as a form of punishment than an opportunity to change their health in a positive way. After years of fighting my own mental battles regarding whether or not I wanted to quit in my fitness journey, I finally realized that the pain was actually a great benefit for my life as a whole. The struggle through my training helped me become a harder worker, a better prepared husband and father and an overall better person. I will share with you 4 life lessons that I learned from working out.

1: Create a plan and execute it

It is extremely hard to succeed in life if you don’t have some kind of a plan. This is also very true in fitness. The human body is a very complex system with many sub-systems that all work together to perform tasks. To make physical changes naturally it takes time and discipline. Creating and executing a plan will help with that process.

2: Consistency is key

As I alluded to in the first point, consistency is critical to your success. To increase your chances of success implementing a series of consistent positive actions and behaviors will help you to achieve goals. Consider an amateur runner training for their first marathon. The runner would struggle to get better running far distances if they don’t practices distance running on a consistent basis. To get better a running long distances, they must run every week, every few days or maybe every day. Sounds like common sense, well, it is. But I couldn’t tell you how many people I encounter who complain about their ability to meet a goal but they are not being consistent enough to get the results. This applies to any skill in life that you want to improve.

3: Stop complaining about the pain and embrace it

Life is hard. We all go through trials and tribulations as we navigate through our careers and personal lives. Those who thrive in pain have a much greater chance at achieving success in life but they are tried and tested for future obstacles destined to come their way. Everyone who works out in fitness experiences physical and mental pain. But after the pain subsides your body adapts and grows stronger putting you in position to be in better shape than you were before you started. Embrace your pain and see yourself become stronger in all aspects of life.

4: Enjoy the wins but keep pushing forward

In fitness, you may experience many “wins” early on in your journey. You may lose a few pounds, increase your strength on a specific lift or run a certain distance in a faster time than previously before. However, after meeting some of the early goals, many will turn back to their old habits that put them in bad shape to begin with. Consistently challenging yourself after each met goal will ensure that you create a lifestyle of cultivating success in your journey rather than experiencing success in a short period of time or in increments. This is even more true pertaining to obstacles in your personal and professional life. Celebrating the small wins for too long will set you up to adopt a mentality of complacency.

Fitness has provided the foundation I needed to jump-start my journey of adopting a Grind mentality. In fighting through each workout, each day, I have taught myself that I can accomplish anything that I’m willing to fight for with hard work, consistency and short-term suffering.

Never settle, Never Quit, Just Grind.

Author: Mike Free

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