Plank Challenge

I’ve known Mike Free for several years.  He often talks about motivation and has studied what it’s all about.  I’d like to share an exercise that keeps me motivated.  It’s a simple and will deliver results in as little as two weeks. 

It’s free.  There’s nothing to sign up for, no gym or special equipment needed. 

It’ll take a few minutes each day. 

It strengthens your core.   

It’s simple but it’s not easy! If you do this exercise for 30 days you will see results. 

You can google it and find tons of examples and research. It’s no secret, in fact, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. 


That’s it.  Google, “30 Day Plank Challenge” 

Do it.  It works.  

A few years back I decided to try it.  The first time was hard.  I barely made it to 20 seconds, but I stuck with it and had remarkable results.   

In 15 days, I began to see my abs getting defined. 

My stomach was flatter. 

My balance was better. 

My jogging was easier. 

Things that would normally cause back pain (twisting, lifting, rotating) no longer bothered me. 

At the end of 30 days, I could plank for 5 minutes straight!  I kept going.   

On July 18, 2016, I planked for 10 minutes straight!  By that time, I had dropped 2 inches off my waist and had a washboard stomach.  

You’re probably saying, “Oh, you were going to the gym every day and running every other.”   

Not the case.  After I topped the 5 minute mark, I planked every other day for recovery. 

I didn’t change my diet, but I did add a few other quick exercises to improve my all-around form.  Here’s what I did: 


After every two minutes of planking (without stopping) I added in 10 push ups. 

After completing my plank, I’d do one minute of sun salutation (prop yourself up on your hands, feet and torso on the floor) to stretch my lower back. 

10 toe touches while standing on one foot.  single rep of 10 for each foot 

30 crunchies 

10 calf raises with a one second hold at the top. 

That’s it. 

Why am I excited about this?  It takes a few minutes every other day.  My stomach is flat, my clothes are loose and I have a strong core. This helps me stay in shape and maintain flexibility. 

Want motivation?  Want to see results?   

Try planking.

Author: Andrew, GrindOverMatter Contributor

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