Sometimes Your Mind Sucks

“You are not smart enough.”

“You don’t have enough money. “

“You don’t have enough discipline.”

“You don’t have enough help.”

“You are not strong enough.”

“You will fail!”

Any of these “thoughts” sound familiar to you? They do to me. I’ve heard them replay over and over again in my head all my life. These thoughts have crippled me from conquering many of my life goals up until now. Looking back, I realized that the only time I was able to complete a goal was when I ignored these thoughts and pursued what I wanted regardless of how often they played in my head.

It’s safe to say that a portion of your mind is evil in that it tries to stop you from doing things that you most certainly can do. On the flip side of that, your mind is trying to protect you from pain, danger, getting hurt emotionally, experiencing failure, etc. It’s a threshold, a mental mechanism that kicks in when you need an exit strategy from a bad situation. But unfortunately, that threshold is triggered even when you are not facing any real threats, and that’s why our mind sometimes sucks.

Think about starting a business working 80-hour weeks. You are tired, stressed and hungry. lol. Your mind will tell you to quit, that this is too hard on your body, that you are losing nourishment from food and good sleep. That all may be true to some degree, but what if your sacrifice for a few months or even a few years of living a less than ideal lifestyle led to the creation of a business that can generate financial freedom for you and your family for the rest of your life, would it be worth it?

Our natural instinct is to evaluate risk against a goal we are trying reach. If the risk of danger APPEARS to outweigh the value of the reward, your mind begins to influence you to avoid any possible pain or failure that may come with the pursuit of the goal. But your mind is not always great at evaluating the true risk of the goal mainly because of three reasons:

  1. You have contamination in your mind from previous life experiences and traumas that have created fears and insecurities
  2. You have no history in your mind from the past of achieving the goal you set to achieve
  3. The part of your mind that is pushing you to quit, is not influenced by the passion of your vision

If you can find a way to overcome that voice in your mind, you have won the battle that stops many people from living a life of success. In reality, the pain and suffering that comes with pursuing a difficult goal is the key to achieving success but your mind is more interested in protecting you from that same pain and suffering.  Win the battle of the mind by replacing negative thoughts used to stop you with positive ideas or questions that can push you forward in the right direction.

Negative Thoughts (Lies) Rebuttals in question form (Self-Talk)
“You are not smart enough.” What do I need to learn to accomplish this goal?
“You don’t have enough money. “ Who would be willing to invest in my vision?
“You don’t have enough discipline.” What habits do I need to incorporate in my lifestyle to accomplish this goal?
“You don’t have enough help.” Who do I need to ask for help? Who could be a great mentor(s)?
“You are not strong enough.” How do I build the mental strength to keep going?
“You will fail!” If I fail, how can I learn from my failures to continue to pursue my dreams?

Author: Mike Free. CEO and Creator of Grind Over Matter

One thought on “Sometimes Your Mind Sucks

  1. Your write-up is truly grind over matter because what we tell ourselves inwardly will manifest outwardly. I don’t think we realize how much negativity we feed ourselves which in turns hinder us from achieving our goals. It’s important to create a more positive circle of energy that will help us to ignite the fire from within to grind!


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