I serve determined and ambitious people dedicated to getting Educated, Inspired and Motivated to achieve success spiritually, physically and mentally.

I define the word Grind in two ways. The first way we define Grind is as a mentality or a mindset that uses a collection of values and principles that help to build and achieve success and prosperity in life. The second way I define Grind is as a challenge, long-term goal or responsibility that an individual or group of individuals must achieve or support.

The purpose of Mike Free Media is to promote ideas and information that can help anyone grow as individuals to achieve positive Grind goals. Your Grind goal may be as simple as striving to be a supportive husband to your wife, caring for your mind and body through exercise, or starting and growing a new business. Essentially, the concept of the Grind mentality includes the application of mental perseverance, strength and hard work to achieve challenging goals and increase productivity.

My mission is to help bridge the gap between everyday people and the Grind mentality in the form of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, interviews, book recommendations and other helpful information.

We look forward to helping you adopt the Grind mentality in order to realize what God has in store for you.