What’s Your Grind?

Share Your Grind below in the comments section.

This entails sharing a testimonial of an obstacle you overcame or an obstacle you are working to overcome currently.


One thought on “What’s Your Grind?

  1. There are many obstacles that God has brought me through but one in particular is making sure I stayed employed. After twenty-four years of working at one company, I took another role at a new company and was laid off within seven months. Though I was devastated, I knew that God would take care us and within three months I had another job. About two years ago I was laid off at my current company and within a week I two internal offers. I am sharing this particular testimony because my current company is going through an acquisition where we are being acquired by a major company. I don’t know what role I’ll have for sure if one at all, but what I do know is that God will take care of me and my family as He always has. My grind is to stay faithful, focused and persevere.


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